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Engagement is still the key

Best 3 tips to engage your customer on social media

I feel fortunate to be asked to speak with brands about the rapid changes in the digital communications space, and how to not only embrace, but leverage these technologies to create better b2c engagement plan. When I present my perspectives, I get a variety of reactions, from semi-confident nods to ‘deer-in-the-headlights' bewilderment… and that’s quite normal. The technological evolution in consumer engagement is happening so quickly, that many brands and communications firms get overwhelmed as to what will work best to engage their consumer targets.

Now, the key word here is ‘engage’. We are no longer simply curating and repurposing content to be present on our consumer’s social channels. That is simply not enough.

We have to create an engagement strategy that provides value, sharability, and relevancy – this really hasn’t changed, but this strategy has somehow put aside, simply because the novelty of new technology has thrown us off course, and now we see that, for many brands, they have lost the pathway to true consumer engagement.

So let’s have a look at how we can recapture our audience through the three key pillars of consumer engagement.


Value takes on many forms in digital communications, from offering value through monetary means, like a coupon, or the value of getting a sneak peek at a new product before anyone else. If we demonstrate to our consumers that they are important through value sharing initiatives, then we stand a better chance of creating stronger loyalty and greater brand preference when they are shopping for a product or service we offer.


Providing value to your followers, friends, likes, hearts, etc is great, but to turn that value to a consumer into ‘social currency’ for them to share with others, is paramount in building a stronger bond with your brand. This can be an exclusive piece of content, or a unique event or experience that provides ‘share-points’ - key points to which your consumer can share a part of the experience with their network.


This is the big one. Everyone gets spam. Everyone has had an interstitial, banner, pre-reel ad or native ad get thrust in front of their eyes, and for the most part, it’s considered to be annoying, intrusive and in-turn ignored. Why? The ads aren’t relevant to your needs. Understanding what your consumers are looking for is paramount in ensuring that the content that you create, hits the sweet spot, and drives traffic and sells product. (you are creating your own unique brand content, aren’t you?)

Remember, stay true to your common sense consumer strategy and focus only on the technology platforms that can help you drive greater value, sharability and relevancy to your target consumer.

- Cameron Wykes

Digital and engagement specialist

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