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How Powerful Is Interactive Content?

BuzzFeed is an excellent example of what can be accomplished with interactive content. Using an interactive quiz model that allowed their audience to learn something interesting, BuzzFeed generated more than 40 million views with just one quiz alone.

While a massive amount of views is certainly an incredible benefit of interactive content, this new model also provides a host other advantages. Among these benefits is the ability to stand out from an ever-increasing den of online noise. According to The Content Marketing Institute, 70 percent of marketers plan to increase their content production within the next year. What this means for marketers is that there will be even more content to compete with in the coming months. In order to stand out from the growing competition, marketers will need to seek out dynamic content opportunities that are more likely to catch a viewer’s attention.

Interactive content can assist with this in several ways. By breaking away from mundane, passive forms of content, marketers can take advantage of an entirely new way to interact with online visitors. Built on the concept of experiential learning, interactive content takes informing visitors beyond simply reading to actually experiencing and being engaged by content. A study conducted by Demand Metric found that 45 percent of marketers using interactive content discovered it to be highly effective in terms of educating visitors.

Since interactive content is not usually tied down to a direct publication date, it also tends to have a much longer shelf life than passive content. Due to its evergreen nature, marketers are able to leverage far greater value from interactive content.

Marketers are also able to glean a wealth of information regarding consumer behavior from the way in which users engage with interactive content. You cannot put a value on the level of unparalleled insights that can be gained into the consumer psyche with interactive content. The information obtained from such content can then be used to customize subsequent personalization, providing marketers with a groundbreaking opportunity to drive both qualifications and sales.

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