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Media Match is a next generation PR platform.

Media Match app discovers Canadian media opportunities for entrepreneurs with AI technology.

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After 4 years of development, we are proud to announce today the launch of Media Match the intelligent PR assistant. Media Match is a unique tool that generates media opportunities for entrepreneurs. Our app wants to turn every entrepreneur into a PR pro.

The problem with PR

For a Public relation campaign to produce results, it is essential to contact the right reporters. But to do so, you need to continually keep up-to-date with all the articles produced by the media, and regularly up-date your media contacts. Our AI engine solves that problem by matching an announcement to the most relevant reporters one needs to contact, as well as the best time to reach them.

PR is dead?

This affirmation, while catchy, is a bit misleading. More accurately, it should read: Old PR ways are being redefined. For a while now, the driving force behind PR’s evolution has been social media outreach and editorial content creation. But the act of reaching out to the press has barely changed. It involves, at its core, building an accurate and relevant media list. This is where Media Match comes into play. By identifying which media is more likely to be interested in an announcement, it speeds up the process of building relationships with the right reporters and prevents spamming them with cold pitches. Knowing to whom you should address yourself takes time and resources. Both of which, as entrepreneurs, we don’t have in abundance.

The next generation of PR platform: Exit the media list

Today, building a media list means querying an expensive static media data base that does not give accurate live updated information, and background about publications and its reporters.

Media Match doesn’t search a database. It searches a live feed of Canadian media.

The user only has to search any news topic (e.g. brand name or subject matter) and the app automatically identifies the most relevant articles, and breaks the information down to actionable data. Media Match provides publishing patterns, concepts associated with the query, top stories, media outlets, and the reporters that most frequently write about the query.

There lies Media Match advantage: it increases the effectiveness of a Public relations campaign by seeking media opportunities and not by building static lists. Turning every entrepreneur into a PR pro.

Why PR at all?

It is no secret that Public relations is the poor child of marketing campaigns. Yet, getting visibility from the press is a more powerful SEO, and brand equity boost than being mention on social media.

We believe technology can help PR being more relevant than ever in today’s marketing. Media Match improves outreach results by providing useful and actionable information to all entrepreneurs. In effect, matching the right announcement to the right reporters.

Media Match allows everyone to perform Public relations campaigns based on knowledge, insights, and data: delivering the best media opportunities for your announcement.

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