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The key to success: Great media lists

Finding and targeting media contacts

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Pitching is critical to the success of a PR campaign; after all, you are trying to garner media coverage to reach your target audience, and a successful media outreach campaign begins with pitching the right contact, not just emailing at random. Please believe us: the quickest way to irritate any reporter is to pitch the wrong contact. It doesn’t have to be something as blatantly incorrect as sending a sports reporter a press release on the weather; even simply sending the small business editor a story on international business can lead you astray and irritate people. So before you pitch, you need to take the time to pinpoint the correct contacts by building a media list, which will soon become your new best friend.

Obviously, creating your own media list isn’t a quick project. It takes time, ressources and money. But you can actually buy lists to help you get started. You will need to be aware of when the list was last updates, what information the list contain, and what type of outlets are included. While buying lists is an option, remember that it can be costly.

For every entrepreneur, budget is always a concern. At Connectly we understand budget constraints. Thanks to our proprietary software, we are able to offer customized targeted list according to your press release at a very affordable cost. And it saves you the headache of building you list. If you are looking to pitch your news to Canadian reporters, we can certainly help you. 

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