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The number one rule to writing effective marketing content

PR still relies on great writing

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Here's a great tip for all of you who are writing content for your web page.

Instead of straining to come up with killer copy, Joanna Wiebe suggests, take a step back: "When you stop trying to write and start listening to your customers, your copy writes itself."

She consistently finds that her best-performing landing page copy is stolen straight from her customers—whether from testimonials, customer reviews, support emails, surveys, forums, social media groups, or anywhere else prospects are talking about your solution (or that of your competitors).

"Stealing" your marketing messages from these channels is effective because you're speaking the customer's language.

By borrowing the terms they use when they're candidly describing their problem, you're sure to create messages that really resonate with others feeling the same pain.

It doesn't matter how valuable your offer is or how talented your designer is... If you can't write copy that resonates with your prospects, then your landing pages won't convert.

About Joanna Wiebe.

In "The Conversion Marketer's Guide to Landing Page Copywriting," conversion-centered copywriter Joanna Wiebe shares the process she uses to engineer high-converting landing pages. You can grab the entire e-book here

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