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Tips to create great content marketing

How many times should you post on Social Media?

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For those in the marketing industry, there’s very little doubt. Content marketing works.

While there’s no debating that content marketing works, it only works if it’s done right; and one of the keys to doing content marketing right is to do it consistently.

Woody Allen famously quipped that “80 percent of success is just showing up.” For content marketing this is certainly true.

Lack of Social consistency.

Most content marketing efforts don’t fail for lack of quality or quantity – they fail for lack of consistency.

However, keeping up the kind of sustained effort necessary to achieve content marketing success is very difficult. Luckily, there are some simple tactics and strategies that you can follow to help ease the pain of the content marketing grind.

Whether you’re a one person-team or you run a content division, these tips will help you build a sustained content marketing rhythm.

Find Your Ideal Rhythm

Certainly any good content strategy requires some type of regularity to be effective, but depending on the type of content you produce, where you release it, and how in-depth it is, this schedule will look very different.

However, there are certain baseline rhythms that typically represent a good starting point to work from. These baselines are commonly remembered and referred to using the acronym of the “1-7-30-4-2-1 Rule.”

These numbers refer to the intervals at which different types of content should be released. For example, social postings should typically be put out at least once a day, blog posts once a week… etc.

While these guidelines might be useful starting points, they are still just averages. The first step to determining the rhythm that works best for your content is to understand your audience expectations and the type of content that you are aiming to create. James Hill, the Chief Strategy Officer of the agency McMurry/TMG put it very well in the following quote:

“It all boils down to what motivates your audience to seek out content (and how often) and how to meet those needs.”

Once you have determined which content-type and social channels are right for you, try and test a rhythm. 

This tip originated from Brian Honigman who is a content marketing consultant and the CEO of Honigman Media.

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