• In today's world of content and news overload, it is critical for paid media communications campaigns to find the right audience. Our content distribution system distributes based on live data that is constantly monitored and adjusted to reach your targeted readers.

  • Advanced targeting options

    mononews media - data targeting

    Data targeting

    mononews media - contextual targeting

    Contextual targeting

    mononews media - weather targeting

    Weather targeting

  • Benefits

    • Engage your target audience when you don't have product news by crafting magazine style stories in which your product plays an important role. 
    • Provide an alternative means to help sustain visibility during times of low news value. 
    • Effectively reach a market historically resistant to traditional earn media outreach.

  • How it works mononews media distribution works.


    Mononews media sponsored content distribution network is an online tool to specifically reach consumers in the Quebec and Canadian Market through targeted content delivery.


    • Send us your articles or our editorial team will craft original magazine-style stories that will showcase your brand's message.
    • Over a one-month period, the Sponsored Stories are embedded in top news outlets editorials.
    • The Sponsored Content average between 4 – 4.5 million guaranteed impressions.
    • At the end of the month, Mononews media provides a detailed Metrics Report with the number of impressions, page views, Twitter shares, Conversion rate, lead generation, etc.

    This Service Was Developed For:

    • Leading brands in English/French Canada, but which have had limited success with consumer websites.
    • Heritage brands with little or no activity in editorial sections.
    • Product/Brand/services wishing to launch or test market in Quebec or Canada.


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